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BORIS Blockchain Ownership Registration Is Simple
Register and prove ownership of your new art
About Boris
Where do I need BlendedBoris?
As a creative, you put in a lot of hours into creating new digital art, design for video games, NFTs or assets for the metaverse, and your copyright must be protected
Digital art
Video games
Boris feels your pain
message about stolen idea
“...I’ve sent him a couple of messages before but I still see my ideas stolen...”
Mohamed Chahin
“I just found out my featured work was stolen among 37 others...”
featured work was stolen
work stolen
“...I hate seeing their work stolen...”
What problem does
BlendedBoris solve?
Digital assets are easy to steal
How can I protect my art from being
stolen and sold by a**holes?
Ultimately, you can’t. Data is easy to copy and hard to secure. Once your digital assets are shared, you have no control over how they will be used. They may be copied and multiplied very easily, and there's practically no way to prevent that. Doesn't that suck?
We have a solution for you
To give you control over your art, BlendedBoris, a plugin for Blender, registers your digital art on blockchain and registers your copyright.
Hey, I’m BORIS!
I provide creators like you with an easy and free way to register copyright over digital art. It's pretty neat, isn't it?

While creating your awesome art, just register your 3D model and get digital evidence of your authorship. This ensures “first in time” registration for your asset, which translates to 'first in right' to IP. This makes it super easy to prove authorship. And did I mention it's free? How can it be free? The FAQ section has this covered.
Your benefits with BlendedBoris
An easy-to-use free plugin for Blender
Claim your ownership image
Claim your ownership
Register your copyright for every 3D model you create right within Blender
Spread your art image
Spread your art
Share your .blend files like you would
normally do and spread the love
Grow your brand image
Grow your brand
Get your art ready for web3 before
everyone else does (insert FOMO here)
For geeks who like to read
BlendedBoris is a free plugin for Blender
It registers copyright and issues a certificate
How does it work
BlendedBoris is installed on top of the Blender software and consists of a plugin and a data management interface.

The plugin handles user identification and authentication of the files and creates a digital fingerprint of your 3D model that unites the model’s object ID and the owner ID and serves as the proof of creation and ownership.
Get your Ownership certificate
Register the existence of your design on the blockchain and prove authorship or ownership with a lifetime Verifiable Blockchain Certificate.
What will you get
How can it be verified?
A Verifiable Blockchain Certificate is a shareable
certificate, like a web link or downloadable PDF
certificate types
The web certificate
A web certificate is derived from the actual data on the Blockchain and is a verified proof of your ownership via hashes and proof of transactions (geeky, right?)
The shareable PDF certificate
The shareable PDF certificate is a file that represents the same data and contains an additional functionality for verification to prevent tampering with printed or shared PDF Certificates.
It's impossible to forge
a CADChain certificate
It is available in two formats:
a public version and a private 'owner' version
the public version image

The public version

This version contains general information and a screenshot (if you enable this option), but hides any sensitive information.

The private 'owner' version image

The private 'owner' version

This version which can also be shared with approved third-parties such as collaborating contractors or clients. This version includes all important data.

Download and try BlendedBoris for free
About CADChain
CADChain is a legal tech startup established in 2018 in the Netherlands and developing innovative blockchain solutions to help organisations protect, monetize, and manage their IP. We also have solutions for Solidworks and Autodesk Inventor.
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Core team
  • Alex the Advertiser
    Digital Marketer
  • Maria_v
    Project Manager
  • Andy Novich
    Back-end developer
  • Dra_Nik
    UX/UI designer
Why are we unique?
Blockchain has proven to be suitable for tracking digital assets; we go a step further by building GDPR compliance right into our solutions. Check and mate!
Gender balanced team
GDPR compliance
We have a confident and smart female CEO and a super diverse team, proficient in STEM and BDSM (bus dev, sales and marketing, and not what you thought).
CADChain has launched Fe/male Switch, the first ever startup game for women. Future entrepreneurs are loving the idea.
Non-profit project
We love nature so we use a sustainable blockchain protocol. Yes, they exist.
Sustainable blockchain
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If you would like to get in touch with us, please do so by sending us an email.
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